We as a race have reached a critical point in time. We can no longer rely on the people in power to guide us to the promised land because there isn’t one. For thirty years our government has distracted the people with social, race and environmental issues that are important but still haven’t been addressed properly because these so called experts are not. They are simply talking heads. They speak eloquently, dress well and have a degree in whatever but, that does not mean they have the capacity to help the downtrodden because they have no idea what it is like to face real problems that affect the ability of people to put food on the table, a roof over their head and clothing on their backs. The privileged have lived a sheltered life and are not the people to make the decisions that affect all of us. These well to do incompetent fools would rather build a football stadium (or many, if it is the Olympics), tunnels and bridges in our cities that will never fix the traffic problems, but no such tunnel or bridge in the country regions, even if it is a safety issue. Rarely do they address the shortage of teachers, doctors, nurses and people who actually make a difference to people’s lives.
Build a hospital, a school and pay our educators the obscene amounts of money these pretenders get to produce hot air. If we ignore education, we are not producing a new generation of critical thinkers who could change the world for the better, but a generation of illiterate children who will fall through the cracks in adult life because they don’t have the ability to read or write. These adults unfortunately produce offspring that have to deal with the same hardships that they have encounted and so history repeats. A good education system is the circuit breaker.
The same can be said of the people in power for the last 50 years. Unable to change the way they have run the system, each generation has passed on their values and attitudes to their brood resulting in a bunch of unproductive bureaucrats (not all) that have an amazing ability to go to work but get very little done.
Why is it that 30 years ago you could go to your local Council with plans to build a shed, meet directly with a human being that would assist you with the process, pay a nominal fee and have the approval in 4 weeks.
Today, if you want to keep your sanity, you are encouraged to employ a building surveyor to process the minefield of forms and demands from the human being at Council who used to want to help you, pay the surveyor, pay the ever-increasing fees and hope and pray that you you may be able to get it approved in 4 months! What happened? A lot. Every government department and private company that could see a way of extracting money from you has been able to do so.The EPA, National Parks and Wildlife and energy companies charge you to ensure compliance under the guise that it ensures sustainability,  minimises environmental impact and impact on public assets, slows degradation of natural resources and enhances amenity. Who sets this standard is anybody’s guess but it doesn’t seem to apply to wealthy property developers who installed unfit cladding on high rise buildings, nor the miners that pollute our water table, no, these people have money and speak the same language as the privileged politician.
Thankfully, these decisions are starting to impact the average person and Mr and Mrs Average are realising how inept they are. It is difficult to fight a large corporation that will not replace the cladding on your building, but when that prevents you from living in your castle you will find a way. It is difficult to fight a government hellbent on letting a miner frack your local area, but you can.
Enrol to vote and have your say. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric that a hung Parliament is no good for our country. This is just another scare campaign to stop you voting for who you want. Do some research and vote for the person who best aligns with your values and attitudes (and believe me our values and attitudes have changed for the better in the last 30 years). Hold them accountable every election if they start to doing deals that are not in your and your electorate’s best interest. It’s the only way. It’s democracy.

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